Sunday, 1 January 2012

29 things that make me happy at the start of 2012

  • leopard print
  • liquid eye liner
  • fairy lights
  • reading books
  • going to the cinema
  • videos of baby polar bear cub
  • my boyf's face
  • my boyf's chest
  • my boyf when I make him do a proper throw back his head and guffaw laugh
  • my boyf in general
  • this picture
  • red dog
  • black dog
  • my mum's rice pudding
  • tidying up
  • getting clean when I've not showered for a day (or more :/)
  • big tea (tea in a big mug)
  • writing
  • when my nephew sits in the crook of my arm and idly plays with my belly fat
  • listening to heavy rain (when its not being blown in the direction that makes it come in through my living room window)
  • painting pictures of women that you wouldn't normally see painted pictures of (Ethel Merman, Judi Dench, Elizabeth Moss)
  • being busy
  • doing nothing
  • thinking about what God means
  • going for big walks
  • being near the sea
  • crossing things off of to do lists
  • brightly coloured lipstick
  • being in love with someone amazing who is in love with me

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Jackson Davies said...

6 things that make me happy at the start of 2012

- Sazz
- Hanging out with Sazz
- Watching films with Sazz
- Cooking with Sazz
- Being in love with Sazz
- Making sappy public declarations about being in love with Sazz